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Arco Resources – In neutral

ARCO RESOURCES CORP. (“ARR”) Arco is another of the TSX.V listing that doesn’t look like it can shift itself out of neutral. Over the past number of months it has managed to maintain its shares in the low pennies range. The bulk of Arco’s news releases over the past year have focused on debt financings [...]

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Falco Resources- We like their potential

FALCO RESOURCES LTD. (“FPC”) We like the company’s Horne assets and their potential. Having Osisko Gold Royalties as a shareholder could be a plus. The company has a number of very distinguishable assets which we look forward to hearing more about in 2016. The company has an acceptable 99.7 million shares issued and trades regularly; [...]

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Arianne Phosphate-Share Price displays the Potential to drop in half

ARIANNE PHOSPHATE INC. (“DAN”) Share price displays the potential to drop in half. Arianne Phosphate has been trading in the $0.76 - $0.83 range as of late. The shares dropped dramatically in 2007 like most and then rebounded somewhat in 2011. Aside from the 2011 rebound they dropped again in 2012-2013 and then somewhat flattened [...]

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The Junior Mining Industry has a headache!

Guaranteed, the Junior Mining Industry’s headaches will not be disappearing any time soon. A good night’s sleep will not make an iota of difference. Place your fingers on any country you like around the globe and you will feel pain everywhere. If it’s not a war, it is their economy. If not the economy it’s [...]

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Lupaka Gold Corp.

LUPAKA GOLD CORP. (“LPK”) We wonder was it really wise to take on $10.6 in debt for Invicta? Has Lupaka made a mistake here? The company was able to close a small $110,000, 2.2 million Units (shares plus warrants) at $0.05 private placement recently with Insiders accounting for 1.6 million of the 2.2 Units. Exchange [...]

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Lundin Mining Corporation

LUNDIN MINING CORPORATION (“LUN”) a perennial favorite of many has a share price that is getting real tempting. Lundin Mining closed the week at $3.29 on excellent volume. Currently LUN is sitting in the $3.25 - $3.29 range; slightly above its year low of $2.98 and far below its high of $6.46. The volume as [...]

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ATAC Resources Ltd.

ATAC RESOURCES LTD. (“ATC”) is laying down like an injured dog right now, with a share price lingering in the $0.30 - $0.32. It was a high-flier of the 2010-2011 market bounce, running as high as $10.34 a share. On its last financials at September 30, 2015 ATC was sitting on a nest egg of [...]

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Newlox Gold Ventures

Newlox Gold Ventures Inc. (“LUX”) is not interested in drilling holes. It is a junior working on tailings and extracting a little gold in the process. The current reclamation project is targeted at tropical Costa Rica. The shares of LUX trade in the $0.02-$0.04. Actually that is a bit promotional as they have only traded [...]

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American Vanadium Corp.

AMERICAN VANADIUM CORP. (“AVC”) Bill Radvak’s AVC has made a few adjustments as of late to make sure his company survives the market’s current challenges. It appears the company has, much like a Chameleon, the ability to transform according to its surroundings and environment. Over the years we have seen American Vanadium transform itself from [...]

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