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JuniorMining.com is all about Mining, Metals and Market Intelligence for the global junior mining and exploration sector. Our products and services provide unique insight that is exclusive to JuniorMining.com members. Our thought provoking content is invaluable to senior managers, boards of directors, geoscientists, investors, sub-trades, prospectors and project vendors alike.

We cut straight to the chase by facilitating and accelerating the ability of the junior mining and exploration sector participants and investors to interpret information, and connect and interact globally. JuniorMining.com is a thought provoking leader in our industry.

Our approach is one of a kind, in that our Intelligence is gathered from a senior management perspective. As a member, you will get a view of the junior mining and exploration business from the inside out; as opposed to the all too familiar media/journalistic outside view.

All involved in JuniorMining.com have spent years starting, IPO’ing, financing and in senior management roles of junior mining and exploration companies. We have been founders, Board members, CEOs, CFOs, general managers, geologists, prospectors, stakers, project managers and property managers. We have hands-on experience in preparing business plans, project budgets, news releases, regulatory reports, financial statements, technical reports and NI 43-101s; negotiating multi-million dollar project joint ventures/options and project divestitures. We have staked and acquired thousands of mineral claims and assembled and developed numerous projects of world class merit.

On a daily basis we review, analyze, and comment on global and regional economic and geopolitical news, events and trends thus interpreting published material from an experienced and educated perspective. We strive to feed our impressions back to our members in a way that it is educational, interpretable and invaluable.

For senior managers/ board members of junior mining or exploration companies, being a member of JuniorMining.com is like having an extra Analyst, CEO and Chairman working right alongside of you, day-in and day-out, at very little expense.

For investors, belonging to JuniorMining.com is comparative to having a professional researcher, geologist and experienced junior mining company CEO as your mentor for pennies a day.

Geoscientists, prospectors and sub-trades will have a sounding board and advertising vehicle combined through which you can promote your thoughts and concerns, concepts, projects, and services to a global community searching for the same.

JuniorMining.com is not in the business of disseminating press releases and providing stock quotes. Many others do a great job of it and such data is a commodity that is readily available all over the internet. Stockwatch and Market News are two of our favorites.

At JuniorMining.com:

We don’t create news – We interpret it!

We don’t generate exploration reports – We decipher them!

We don’t seek shareholders and investors – We educate and inform them!

We don’t invent excellent management teams – We advise, mentor, inform and work along side them!

We monitor, interpret, provide commenatry and provoke discussion on the rules and regulations as invented, introduced,endorsed and enforced by the likes of the TSX Group, TSX Venture Exchange, BCSC, OSC, ASC, ASX and SEC to name a few.

JuniorMining.com initiates fact finding, hard-hitting interviews and meetings with select companies, CEOs, geologists, qualified persons, and other industry leaders and special guests that we feel have something to contribute to junior mining participants and investors alike.

We are open to specific questions from our members who need personal assistance with their own due dilligence. If our members do not understand something we will help them come up with an explanation that makes sense. The topics and possibilities are unlimited.

JuniorMining.com contributors are able to assist in helping senior managers and investors to make knowledgeable and intelligent decisions. We are able to provide geoscientists, prospectors, and subtrades with a conduit to share their mutual interests and needs to prosper in the everchanging, often confusing global junior mining and exploration space.

Pat O’Brien, our Editor-in-Chief has had the opportunity over the past 25 years or more to work with some very remarkable and talented teams of Board members, senior managers, geoscientists, stakers, drillers, investment managers and investors. The knowledge and skillsets of these individuals have been varied and at times remarkedly overwhelming. Pat has drawn an enormous wealth of knowledge, wisdom and insight from these individuals. Collectively, these people possessed and shared an irreplaceable set of skills, experiences and abilities.

One of the most important lessons of one’s career is not only learning which habits, skills and traits to adopt, but perhaps even more importantly, learning to identify which habits and shortfalls to ignore and forget; an art Pat has mastered well.

At JuniorMining.com we strive to be reputable, professional, fair and accurate in our observations and offerings.

We have set up membership packages to satisfy the needs of all types of individuals and companies alike. Come, join us and become a member today.

Staff Members


CEO/Chairperson Junior Mining Incorporated & Executive Editor/Chairperson JUNIORMINING.com

Patrick O'BrienPatrick O’Brien has been involved in the mining sector for more than 30 years in capacities of founder, financier, and senior management. Consistently, throughout his career he has delivered strategic leadership, tactical decision making and compelling instinct. Patrick has met the challenges in such capacities as Chairperson of Boards of Directors, President/CEO, Committee Chair on Boards, substantial long-term investor/stakeholder, prospector, project acquisitions and dispositions, corporate finance, as well as corporate and investor relations.

In his most recent public mining company tenure Patrick served 21 consecutive years as CEO/Chairperson and was successfully re-elected by the shareholders to the Board of Directors and Chair position for the entire 21 consecutive years.

Patrick has initiated, led and participated in a number of IPOs and venture financings on the TSX Venture Exchange, and Vancouver Stock Exchange. He has transformed junior exploration companies to Tier 1 status on Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange.

Under Patrick’s leadership, one of these companies became one of the initial junior resource companies on the TSX Venture Exchange to succeed in achieving Tier 1 status. It was also one of the first companies to achieve the necessary market capitalization and asset base to be included in the initial TSX Venture Exchange Index, when the Index was established. Further, under Patrick’s leadership the company graduated onto the prestigious OTCQX Trading Platform in the USA, a special trading platform established for qualified offshore International Enterprises.

Mining Industry Triumphs – Patrick O’Brien & Associates

In the mining and mineral exploration business it is not only important to know what to do but also when to do it and how to do it best. Timing is everything. Knowledge, insight, experience and the right connections are a must!

Patrick’s group has and will be very involved in the acquisition, development and financing of exploration and mining projects globally. He states, “to date, it’s been a remarkable journey; the kind of stuff movies are made of”.

Early on, Patrick identified the potential that existed in and around the historic world renowned Kirkland Lake/Larder Lake, Timmins, Val d’Or and Rouyn mining camps of Ontario and Quebec, Canada. He initiated extensive staking and acquisition campaigns in these camps. He forged lasting relationships and teamed up with many of the most successful, knowledgeable, respected, experienced and influential stakers and geological consultants in the regions. These bonds have continued for more than 20 years and are going strong. From his extensive and dedicated work he claimed for his companies several very valuable, and extensive mineral and exploration property positions, in various gold, copper, nickel, zinc and diamond plays. The value of the O’Brien led entity used from the outset increased by over 2,000 percent over two to three short years; returning many shareholders multiples of their original investments.

O’Brien’s teams established key mineral claim positions in the Kirkland Lake and Timmins staking rushes of the mid to late 1990s; they grabbed great land positions in Ontario’s Timmiskiming diamond rush; they led with a key central location in the heart of the Victoria Creek gold discovery capitalized on by gold producer Agnico Eagle. Headed by O’Brien they triumphed at Lac Roche, Quebec Ni-Cu-PGE rush with a relentless 24/7 staking campaign in freezing temperatures and aided by the nearby Cree Nation. They captured the most important claim position, even over the challenge by giants like Falconbridge and others, in the Lac Roche Nickel Discovery staking rush.

O’Brien had the insight to choose the merits of the little known and overlooked Raglan Ni-Cu-PGM camp, over the attention that the Voisey’s Bay discovery and staking rush were getting just to the east. Except for the massive success of one company at Voisey’s Bay, the rush turned into a loss for every other explorer who ventured there. The Raglan, on the other hand, had the very high grade Raglan Nickel-Copper Mine owned and operated by Falconbridge to give it credibility. Over a period of 7 years O’Brien patiently negotiated the acquisition and staking of the heralded 845 square kilometer Raglan Assemblage which ended up being right in the center of one of Canada’s largest ever nickel-copper area plays in the early 2000s. O’Brien and team had the insight and knowledge to make numerous new discoveries at Raglan. This group enlightened the mining world about the extraordinary platinum and palladium content in the Raglan mineralization, which for the most part had been discounted by many. It wasn’t long before Raglan was the site of a massive staking rush. For his company, O’Brien negotiated the largest, at $12.8 million, Option to undertake exploration and development on its key claim package. To the surprise of many, including Falconbridge, O’Brien, then added more very important claims, some right inside the boundaries of Falconbridge’s mine property. During the mid-2000s O’Brien wisely negotiated a cash and share transaction for his company for the sale of its Raglan Assemblage to Goldbrook Ventures. O’Brien’s company received many times its investment in the deal. Goldbrook Ventures was then packaged and sold to Jilin Jien of China for in excess of $100 million. O’Brien’s company has since, retained some very key Net Smelter Royalties after the transaction with Jilin Jien was completed.

O’Brien then reinvested funds derived from the Raglan sale in several areas. First, the company invested in its own wholly owned subsidiary which it then took public. The resulting shares of the subsidiary issued back in the IPO were then distributed to the shareholders as a dividend equaling 15% of the proceeds of the Raglan sale. Secondly his company proceeded with its long term goal of establishing itself as an investment bank/project generator within the junior mineral sector; a plan that unfortunately had to eventually be abandoned due to the length and severity of the 2009-2014 economic crisis and turmoil. Third, his company continued amassing and exploring the potential of its extensive 800+ square kilometer claim assemblage in and around the copper/gold mining camp of Chibougamau, Quebec. The company had carried out extensive air and ground surveys, sampling and drilling campaigns on its new assemblage. This work led to a number of discoveries and perhaps the most important of which is the discovery that the camp could likely be host to a massive underlying IOCG complex, similar to the multi-billion dollar Olympic Dam complex in South Australia. Iron oxide copper gold ore deposits (IOCG) are important and highly valuable concentrations of copper, gold and uranium ores hosted within iron oxide dominant gangue assemblages which share a common genetic origin. This discovery by O’Brien’s team headed by Robert Stewart, P.Geo, and its possibility at Chibougamau, has been endorsed by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Province of Quebec. Finally, O’Brien and company set forth to find another flagship project for their shareholders, and they succeeded once again in the Vanadium, Titanium, Iron space.

In late 2006 and early 2007 O’Brien and very experienced geologist Robert Stewart, due to their extensive database and knowledge of the Chibougamau mining camp observed some notable changes in claim holdings of certain parties in the area, especially in the immediate vicinity of the world-class 100+ million tonne Lac Dore Deposit. For reference O’Brien and Stewart gave the observation a code name Big Tuna, kept it confidential, and continued to observe the anomaly of the claim title changes. O’Brien then received a call from a close and trusted associate who advised him that he had a feeling the famous 100+ MT Lac Dore Vanadium-Titanium-Iron-Copper deposit, which the Government of Quebec had owned for more than 40 years as a crown asset, was going to come open soon due to undisclosed complications. In addition to Robert Stewart, P.Geo, O’Brien also called together one of his associates, senior geologist Dr. Christian Derosier and Patrick’s son and company exec Adrian O’Brien to begin planning their strategy. Dr. Derosier, incidentally also happened to be an expert on the Chibougamau camp where the Lac Dore was located. As anticipated, the Lac Dore did indeed come open for staking and on August 21/07 the P.O’Brien/Stewart/Derosier/A. O’Brien team led a talented and highly skilled team of stakers in a carefully planned head-to-head staking contest against the Province of Quebec’s SOQUEM to stake for rightful ownership to the Lac Dore Deposit. Once staked, both groups challenged each other over title. P.O’Brien, Stewart, Derosier and A.O’Brien led the challenge against the Quebec Government’s SOQUEM and the Quebec Ministry of Mines over title, in what many stated to be incomprehensible odds against O’Brien and team. Undeterred, O’Brien and team ultimately won title to the deposit in a 3-4 year legal battle. P. O’Brien, Derosier, and A. O’Brien then traveled to Quebec City and secured Quebec’s other massive Vanadium-Titanium-Iron deposit called the Iron-T and added it to their company’s assets. The vendors of the Iron-T were headed up by Dr. Mehmet Taner, one of Canada’s leading Vanadium specialists, who as a result joined the O’Brien/Derosier team as a member of their Advisory Board. They also solidified the company’s position as the leader in vanadium by adding the Lac Dore North in Quebec and the Game Changer in Ontario to the asset base. There is currently a $1 billion mining operation being touted to adjoin the Lac Dore. O’Brien has estimated that the Lac Dore owned by way of Patrick O’Brien’s, Stewart’s, Derosier’s and Adrian O’Brien’s hard work is anticipated to have a future NPV in the billion dollar plus range and the Iron-T is subsequently anticipated to produce a future NPV in the multi-billion dollar range.

Although O’Brien has a significant vested interest in the entity in which he and his associates placed the Lac Dore, Lac Dore North, Iron-T, Game Changer and the Chibougamau Assemblage they have subsequently moved on to identify and claim further “blue ocean” opportunities for themselves and other investors.

Patrick O’Brien is currently spearheading a group of talented individuals in the launch of new Canadian based exploration companies and a new buy side/sell side exploration and mining publication/website. Patrick O’Brien has now gravitated toward future blue ocean opportunities and ever challenging endeavors where he can leverage his talents and skill-set. Patrick is interested in launching new public IPOs within the exploration and mining space as well as initiating public and private industrial ventures. His new flagship entity is Junior Mining Incorporated; and its subsidiary JUNIORMINING.com a mining, exploration and mining investment intelligence publication.

V.P. Corporate Development & Research

Darla F. Knight has been involved in the junior mining sector for more than 10 years. Darla served as research assistant to the senior management team and personnel of Novawest Resources Inc., Apella Resources Inc. and PacificOre Mining Inc., publicly listed Tier 1 issuers on the TSX Venture Exchange. She championed her roles in assisting the senior management team’s ongoing research operations and  administrative responsibilities; as well as their legal and finance challenges and commitments . Darla takes pride in being a team player and her excellent work ethics founded on honesty and integrity. Her strong commitment, superb work habits and employer loyalty have been highly regarded and respected by her fellow employees and employers over the years.

Darla frequently attended and participated in industry trade shows, conferences and other various functions and presentations on behalf of these companies. She easily rose to the challenge when offered the opportunity to assume responsibility and management of a significant and valuable portfolio of Canadian mineral assets. At times, the portfolio included more than two thousand mineral claims and claim cells.in various jurisdictions. Her duties and responsibilities included working with a number of vendors, optionors, geoscientists and government bodies. These particular claim groups included the extraordinarily rare and valuable Lac Dore, Lac Dore Noth, and Iron-T mineral deposits as well as other key assets.

Darla is currently part of the senior team at Junior Mining Incorporated as V.P. Corporate Development. She is responsible for analysis and development of business opportunities. Darla plays a key role in the development and expansion of the company’s subsidiary JuniorMining.com and its associated website and business propositions.

Darla is a key member of the team that has created and developed the popular junior mining website, blog and portal JuniorMining.com.  Darla currently serves as JuniorMining.com’s V.P. Corporate Development & Research and will oversee the ongoing design and maintance of the JuniorMining.com website and its membership and subscriber development.

Special Advisory Group

MBA, CFA, P.Eng. – Senior Financial and Compliance Advisor

Don ForanDonald Foran has over thirty years’ experience in consulting to public companies in the resource and high tech sectors. His areas of expertise include corporate finance, financial structuring and strategic planning. He has assisted a number of companies in the “going public” process as well as providing services in the areas of regulatory and reporting issues, shareholder communications and public company administration.

Don earned Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Business Administration degrees and is a Registered Professional Engineer and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia, the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts and the President’s Club of Simon Fraser University.

Prior to entering the consulting field, Don was the president of a medium sized heavy equipment distributor and manufacturer of industrial equipment. He was also a partner in a company that manufactures high-speed special purpose vessels.   His past community and professional involvement includes: Associate (Mentor), New Enterprise Program, Simon Fraser University; Chairman, Advisory Committee, Business Administration (Double Diploma) Program, British Columbia Institute of Technology; Sessional Lecturer, Environmental Engineering Program, University of British Columbia; Chairman, Building and Planning Committee, Holy Family Hospital, Vancouver; Director, Canadian Association of Equipment Distributors; Director, Institute of Naval Architects of British Columbia and Director, Society of Automotive Engineers, British Columbia Section.

Donald Foran has worked alongside Junior Mining’s CEO Patrick O’Brien in a number of public ventures in both the junior mining and high tech industries for the past 20 years. Their management alliance has seen them champion the acquisition, development and divestiture of the >800 sq. km Raglan Ni-Cu-PGE Assemblage in the heart of the Raglan Belt just before the Raglan became one of Canada’s more recent large-scale area plays. They were also working closely together to acquire the massive >600 sq. km Chibougamau Assemblage in the prolific Chibougamau Au/Cu mining camp. To cap their working relationship they led a move in 2007 along with a team of leading geologists led by Robert Stewart, P.Geo. and Dr. Christian Derosier, P.Geo. to stake head to head against the Province of Quebec’s crown corporation SOQUEM to seize ownership of the world renowned 100+ million ton Lac Dore V-Ti-Fe ore deposit. This coup of the Lac Dore was followed up with a 4 year challenge in the Quebec courts by SOQUEM in an attempt to regain the crown asset, the Lac Dore which the Province of Quebec had discovered and owned for >40 years.

The ambitious and highly skilled team of Don Foran, Pat O’Brien, Christian Derosier, and Adrian O’Brien then followed the Lac Dore coup with the acquisition of the even larger and equally promising Iron-T V-Ti-Fe deposit. The acquisition was concluded in Quebec City in 2007 from its owners who included Dr. Mehmet Taner, one of Canada’s leading and most knowledgeable Vanadium specialists. Dr. Taner is responsible for the establishment and co-ordination of both of Canada’ Vanadium Symposiums from 2004 through 2014. Dr. Taner is also a Senior Technical Advisor to Junior Mining and JuniorMining.com.


150118Alafriz-KayKay Wong-Alafriz is an accomplished Finance Executive with a consistent record of contributing to the overall success of organizations. As a member of senior executive teams in Canada, the US and Asia, has leveraged a broad array of finance/accounting skills and experience to provide operational and strategic insights to CFOs and to help translate broad corporate goals into tangible results.

Ms. Wong-Alafriz is a Certified Corporate Director, Certified Fraud Examiner, and Chartered Accountant.

Specific skills set include:

  • Proven expertise in US and Canadian GAAP, IFRS and Sarbanes Oxley
  • Optimizing business reporting processes by designing, implementing and monitoring various management processes including financial/regulatory controls, forecasting methods, process re-engineering, disaster recovery planning, risk management and compliance with efficient project management oversight
  • Using big data and high performance analytics to provide continuous value creation and to support sound executive decision making and action plans
  • Balancing profit, growth and compliance in highly dynamic environments to optimize competitiveness and to cultivate meaningful metrics for ROI measurement in today’s challenging global marketplace.
  • Excellent communicator with proven history inspiring internal staff and proactive networking with external stakeholders in a variety of settings within the private and public sectors, including equity fund companies, banks, multinational corporations, government agencies, crown corporations, and not-for-profit organizations to successfully conduct business transnationally.

Ms. Wong-Alafriz has extensive experience in the junior mining sector and has served as a Non-Executive Director and Audit Committee Member of Canadian listed Blackrock Resources from 2010 through 2015. Kay served as an Independent Non-Executive Director, Audit Chairperson/Corporate Governance, Chairperson of Remuneration Committee and Member of the Nomination Committee and Member of Funding Committee (Financing activities include share capital HDK 160 million, loans HDK 400 million and convertible bonds HDK 84 million) of Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed CMV Minerals and Ding He Mining Holdings.

Kay served as Senior Management Executive and Senior Vice president of Finance and Risk Management of Asian Coast Development (Canada) Ltd from 2008 to present. During her tenure she facilitated project success by managing risk effectively through financial reporting, construction monitoring, integrated resort operations management and government relations for the Ho Tram Strip (the largest integrated property in the history of Viet Nam), a greenfield development project. Successfully raising more than $ 500 million dollars from an American/Asian network of investors and banks as a key member of the internal team and responsible for financial and technical due diligence the development went on to be listed on the Hong Kong Exchange.

Ms. Wong-Alafriz under took the role of Senior Finance Executive and assumed the overseeing the financial reporting for casino and hotel operations, investment risk, operations, data and technology functions for the start-up following the departure of MGM in April 2013. Rebranded the company from MGM Grand Ho Tram to The Grand Ho Tram Strip which involved major changes to the resort’s logo, name, image, marketing strategy, and advertising themes; as well as orienting and training a crew of 1,900 individuals.

Throughout her career Kay Wong-Alafriz currently serves or has served in several other key Senior Executive and Board positions such as:

  • MAGACORP LTD. – Independent Non-Executive Director and Audit Chairperson. Listed the first Cambodian gaming company on the Hong Kong Main Listing Exchange to generate SD120 million to fund the construction of an integrated resort. Also advised the company on Cambodia’s compliance regime and the risk to its reputation from negative media coverage, 2005-2009.
  • ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE (RCMP) –Senior Financial Analyst and Expert Witness in Financial Crimes & Methologies, AML Expert – Managed information gathering, process improvement and organizational effectiveness for the Canadian national police service and an agency of the Ministry of Public Safety Canada, a national, federal, provincial, and municipal policing body.
  • IMPERIAL PARKING CORPORATION –Senior Finance Executive – Safeguarded assets and managed audit resources at divisional and corporate levels to ensure a strong financial control environment was maintained at all times across one of the largest parking management companies in North America, operating almost 2,000 parking facilities with 400,000 parking spaces in 25 markets across Canada and the United States. Acted as Senior Director of Internal Audit and Corporate Governance; led a team of 32 audit and accounting professionals with direct reporting line to Audit Committee; led investigations of internal and external fraud with Legal and provided leadership in developing long-term governance strategies and innovative business solutions to enhance financial and disclosure reports.
  • GREAT CANADIAN GAMING CORPORATION –Senior Project Director, Corporate Governance and Risk Management – Undertook an enterprise-wide view of risk management and filtered the information to the highest levels of corporate governance for a company that operates in British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Washington State with 10 casinos, a thoroughbred racetrack, four standard bred racetracks, a community gaming centre, a bingo hall, a hotel and conference centre, two show theatres, and various associated hospitality facilities.
  • SIERRA WIRELESS INC. – Senior Project Director, Internal Controls over Financial Reporting – Supported mission-critical services while curtailing loss due to fraudulent activities for an organization dedicated to promoting workplace health and safety, serving 200,959 employers and insuring 2.3 million workers in the province of British Columbia.
  • VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AUTHORITY – Director of Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) Department (largest revenue stream for the Authority) – Contributed to business process optimization, finance and administration of Canada’s second busiest airport, the Vancouver International Airport (YVR), to deliver a high-service, low-cost business model; directed 150 union and non-union staff members with 14 key reports, and reported to the Board.
  • WORKSAFEBC – Investigations Branch and Claims Investigation Section – Supported mission-critical services while curtailing loss due to fraudulent activities for an organization dedicated to promoting workplace health and safety, serving 200,959 employers and insuring 2.3 million workers in the province of British Columbia.
  • VANCOUVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE FOUNDATION BOARD – Member-at-Large – Responsible for advising VCC Board on fund raising approaches, opportunities, and targets through the development of an annual plan, maintaining sound stewardship of Foundation holdings, and developing Foundation policies. Key funding project was a CAD55M building project that opened in January 2009.
P.Geo – Senior Geological Advisor

Dr. Christian Derosier’s vast geoscientific experience and knowledge will contribute considerably in the development of Junior Mining Incorporated and the foundation for its more visual subsidiary JuniorMining.com. In addition, Dr. Derosier’s extensive international experience will prove invaluable.

In 1966, Dr. Derosier received his Diploma in Physical, Chemical, and Natural Sciences (S.P.C.N.) from the University of Paris, France; followed by his M.Sc., Geology in 1969 and his D.Sc. Geology in 1971, both also from the University of Paris.

He is fluent in both French and English and as well, has working knowledge of Spanish, Arabian and German.

Christian is a member of the Order of Geologists of Quebec and the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Dr. Derosier has served as a Director of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada and as both a Vice-President and a President of the Quebec Prospectors Association.

Dr. Derosier is very experienced in the workings of exploration companies having, over the past 20 years, served as a Founder, Director, President and VP Exploration of a number of Canadian junior exploration firms.

Dr. Derosier has more than 40 years of exploration and mining experience. He has extensive worldwide experience working on and heading up exploration programs in such countries as Canada, USA, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, People’s Republic of China, Belgium, France, Cameroon, Guinea, Ghana, Madagascar, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Haiti, and Guyana.

Over his career, Dr. Derosier has headed up a wide range of worldwide assignments for dozens of Canadian and International exploration and mining companies. This has included some very notable experience in eastern Canada and Quebec where he has managed exploration and prospecting programs; carried out Economic Impact Studies; arranged mining financings; supervised extensive drill programs; evaluated mineral deposits and producing mines; compiled inventories of resources and reserves; ore reserve calculations; and has been involved in notable discoveries.

Aside from his vast general experience in international and domestic undertakings, Dr. Derosier is very familiar with the specific Quebec and Ontario and other Canadian mining camps; especially Chibougamau and Matagami. Some highlights of Dr. Derosier’s experience in these areas would include:

  • Dr. Derosier participated in the discovery of a 2 million ton copper deposit near Chibougamau (the Corner Bay Project), Quebec; which was being placed into production by neighboring Campbell Mines.
  • Christian was involved in the financing and discovery of the Gonzague-Langlois polymetallic mine in Lebel sur Quevillon (VSM Resources, 1989) which was sold to Cambior and is now owned and operated by Breakwater Resources.
  • Dr. Derosier has been involved in programs for increasing and proving the reserves of two titaniferous ore deposits around the Lac Allard ilmenite deposit, Quebec; proving ore reserves of an asbestos deposit of 100 million tonnes near Chibougamau, Quebec, Canada, for Rio Algom Mines Ltd.; carried out an evaluation and ore reserve calculations for an asbestos deposit of 100 million tonnes near Chibougamau, Quebec.

Dr. Derosier’s past involvement with Patrick D. O’Brien, CEO spans many years and includes holding the positions of Corporate Director as well as Vice President – Exploration responsible for the exploration and development of the Lac Dore, Lac Dore North, Iron-T and Game Changer Vanadium-Iron-Titanium Projects. Dr. Derosier was very instrumental in the screening and acquisition of these key projects alongside Patrick O’Brien, Adrian O’Brien and their team of geologists, stakers and geotechnical personnel. Dr. Derosier has provided his expertise as the QP under National Instrument 43-101 on these and other projects to the various companies Patrick O’Brien has been engaged as the CEO and Chairman of such as Novawest Resources, Apella Resources and PacificOre Mining.

Dr. Derosier, P.Geo commented, “I am very pleased to be advising and working to assist at this pivotal time in the development of Junior Mining Incorporated and Junior Mining.com, which will become clearly unique consulting and advisory leaders in the global junior mining sector.”

Junior Mining’s CEO Patrick O’Brien, ICD.D, MIoD stated, “Dr. Derosier brings more than 40 years of valuable experience in the industry to our team of advisors and geological advisors. Christian brings a wealth of mining expertise to our young company and will prove instrumental as we quickly move forward. Junior Mining very is very pleased to welcome such a Knowledgeable and experienced geologist as Dr. Christian Derosier to our Company’s Board of Advisors.”

Ph.D. – Consulting Geologist and Mineralogist

mehmet-matagami-2010Dr. Mehmet F. Taner is a Consulting Geologist and Mineralogist with more than 34 years of experience in the mining industry in Canada. He received his degrees in Switzerland specifically: Ph.D. in Geology and Mineralogy, University of Geneva, Switzerland – 1976; M.Sc. in Geological Engineering (Geostatistics), University of Geneva, Switzerland – 1974; and B.Sc. in Geology, University of Lausanne, Switzerland (Geology and Geophysics) – 1971.

Mehmet is best known for his extensive work on the Vanadium-Titanium occurrences in the Matagami region of Quebec, Canada; now known to host the Iron-T Vanadium V-Ti-Fe Deposit. He is fluent (written and spoken) in English, French and Turkish.

Dr. Taner spearheaded the inaugural International Symposium on Vanadium which was held in 2002 in Montreal, Canada. Mehmet spearheaded his 2nd International Vanadium Symposium which was held in Vancouver, Canada in 2014. He has published over 30 technical papers in revered journals and produced over 200 technical reports and presentations throughout his career.

Dr. Mehmet F. Taner practices his profession, as a member of the “Order des Géologues du Québec and of the Association Professional Geoscientists of Ontario. He is also a member of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM), a member of Mineralogical Association of Canada and a member of Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada.

From 1977–1982, Dr. Taner served as the Chief Geologist in the Economic Geology Division, of the Geological Survey of Turkey. During this time he also put his knowledge to work as Associate Professor in charge of teaching mineralogy at the University of Selcuk, Konya, Turkey. This important role prepared him well for his move to the position of Research Scientist with Ecole Polytechnique, IREM-MERI in Montreal, Canada. In 1986 his services were enlisted by Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources, as he was chosen Chief of an exploration team assembled to map the Juillet Lake area east of the Labrador Trough.

Between 1991 and 1997, Dr Taner applied his knowledge and expertise to the Selbaie Mine, owned by Billiton Metals Canada. He was engaged as an Exploration Geologist and Consulting Mineralogist and contributed extensively in their underground development planning, and mapping. His contribution to the description of the Selbaie type volcanogenic polymetallic Cu, Zn, Ag and Au ore deposits by developing new lithogeochemical methods and employing data compilation proved of tremendous benefit and value. Of particular note, thanks to Mehmet’s mineralogical studies on mill feed ore, the metallurgical performance of the Selbaie concentrator was greatly advanced.

As a consulting geologist and mineralogist, as well as a project leader, Dr. Taner has extensive experience on the following areas of expertise:

  • In 1997, he discovered a world-class vanadium deposits at the Matagami mining district, Québec for Noranda Inc.
  • Planned, directed and participated in geological, geochemical and geophysical field studies, including drilling and sampling programs and evaluating the mining properties;
  • Plan, direct and participate in the analysis of all kind of geological data, including geochemical, geophysical, remote sensing data;
  • Gained extensive open-pit experience at Selbaie and participated in underground development planning and mapping, as well as the ore deposit modeling using Datamine software.
  • Assigned, coordinated and reviewed technical work as well as prepare and submit project budget estimates of up to CDN $4 million dollars, for various mining companies;
  • Detailed mineralogical and petrographic studies of ore deposits, including gold and other precious metals deposits, volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits and industrial minerals deposits (graphite, wollastonite, etc.) ;
  • Performed detailed mineralogical studies on mill feed ore in order to determine mineralogical and geological reasons for variable ore recoveries;
  • As a leader for different exploration teams, Dr. Taner has been responsible for directing a vast and diverse groups of employees including mining professionals, students and support staff;
  • Transferred the Canadian exploration knowledge overseas (e.g. Argentina), by teaching Canadian exploration technology to local professionals;
  • Conducted research on the marketing analysis for a specific substance including, but not limited to graphite, vanadium, tantalum, lithium, wollastonite, to name a few.

Since 2010, Dr. Mehmet Taner, he has been actively working on the Bissett Creek Graphite deposits, situated in Ontario, Canada and belonging to Northern Graphite Corporation. To date Mehmet has carried out approximately 8,000 m of drilling, sampled for processing test material, and carried out detailed mineralogical studies of this graphite deposit. In addition, he continues to actively work on the studies for Algoma-type iron deposits within the Abitibi Greenstone Belt in Quebec. This work includes a detailed mineralogical study of this particular iron deposit type for Barlow Mines Inc.