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JuniorMining.com Report on the Round-Up

JUNIORMINING.com’s EXCLUSIVE REPORT on AMEBC’s 2016 ANNUAL MINERAL EXPLORATION ROUND-UP CONFERENCE and the CAMBRIDGE VANCOUVER INVESTMENT CONFERENCE JuniorMIning.com attended both the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (aka “AMEBC”) annual conference and Cambridge’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (aka “VRIC”) at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The VRIC was a two-day show, and overlapped the larger 4-day [...]

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"Anybody who plays the stock market not as an Insider is like a man buying cows in the moonlight" Daniel Drew. Precisely why JuniorMining.com can help. Our team of experts know the industry thoroughly from the inside out!!

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The Ultimate Creation of a Clean Shell

THE ULTIMATE CREATION OF A CLEAN SHELL. For shareholders and investors, it is known as “getting killed”; or historically the old, “Churn and Burn”. An all too common a practice on the TSX.V and other exchanges, which we suspect costs the investing public millions of dollars due to value depreciation, value elimination, rollbacks and all [...]

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Endeavour Mining Corp is positioning to be an Early Mover

ENDEAVOUR MINING CORP. (“EDV”) is positioning to be an early mover when markets turn. Frank Giustra’s Endeavour has had a tough time since the 2007-2008 rout in the markets. On a long-term rollback/slit adjusted chart the company’s shares slipped from $112.40 to the $3.80 level. The 2015 deal with La Mancha taking a 30% interest [...]

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Cadan Resources Corp–We simply dislike.

CADAN Resources Corp. (CXD”) is back pouring gold. However, over the past few years Cadan has provided its shareholders with their share of misery. The BCSC had the company amend and restate its financial statements for the year of 2013. Then Cadan failed to file its 2014 financials on time and found itself suspended by [...]

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Oxygen Capital Corp- the “Overachievers”!

OXYGEN CAPITAL CORP., often referred to as the Oxygen Group of Companies ( www.oxygencaoitalcorp.com) – Haven’t heard of them? Shame on you. If you are new to the Junior Mining space, you are forgiven. If you are serious about making money in the Junior Mining space go in and take a look around the website [...]

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Teras Resources announces termination of Finance Director

TERAS RESOURCES INC. (“TRA”) In a November 6, 2015 news release , President Peter Leger announces the termination of finance director Padley but does not provide any indication to shareholders as to why in his news release. President Peter Leger issued a news release on November 6, 2015 saying the company had terminated Michael G. [...]

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Amato Exploration has Fallen from Tier 2 into the Dreaded NEX Platform

AMATO EXPLORATION LTD. (“AMT”) has fallen from Tier 2 into the dreaded NEX platform. Amato’s President Kieran Prashad announced that the company has failed to maintain the requirements for a Tier 2 company on the TSX.V. One would have to assume that the January 26, 2015 announcement by Amato of stating “...has initiated a strategy [...]

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East Africa Metals has Interesting back to back News Releases

EAST AFRICA METALS INC. (“EAM”) gave us all some good chuckles over the past couple of weeks, with their news releases of December 30th, 2015 and January 5, 11 and 15, 2016. For Andrew Smith and the Board of East Africa it was probably a little bit of an embarrassing moment but they survived it. [...]

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Hodgins Auctioneers Pulls the Plug on its TSX.V Listing

HODGINS AUCTIONEERS INC. (“HA”) pulls the plug on its TSX.V listing – and there is a very good lesson to learn from this. Hodgins Auctioneers is a company Junior Mining.com has been watching for a while. The reason is not the obvious to most. Hodgins’ Bill Anderson called a special meeting and requested shareholder approval [...]

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