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JuniorMining.com is all about Mining, Metals and Market Intelligence for the global junior mining and exploration sector. Our products and services provide unique insight that is exclusive to JuniorMining.com members. Our thought provoking content is invaluable to senior managers, boards of directors, geoscientists, investors, sub-trades, prospectors and project vendors alike.

We cut straight to the chase by facilitating and accelerating the ability of the junior mining and exploration sector participants and investors to interpret information, and connect and interact globally. JuniorMining.com is a thought provoking leader in our industry.

Our approach is one of a kind, in that our Intelligence is gathered from a senior management perspective. As a member, you will get a view of the junior mining and exploration business from the inside out; as opposed to the all too familiar media/journalistic outside view.

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This is where our Members will discover all kinds of intelligence, resourceful suggestions and helpful material rotating on and off our exclusive “member’s only” Clips to Note board. This is our team’s clipboard to use as it peruses hundreds and sometimes thousands of pieces of data per day. The team identifies and singles out what it thinks are specific items of interest in news releases, metal prices, insider filings, financing documents, technical and geological reports, geopolitical announcements, quarterly and annual financial reports, AIF’s, short and long-form prospectuses, and technology advancements and so on. There is always something new, that our members had perhaps never heard about or perhaps not thought of. This is where you will find it. Be on top of the latest and greatest with our Clips of Note.

World Bank Cuts its Forecast for Global Growth in 2016

By |November 10th, 2015|

World Bank cuts its forecast for global growth in 2016. Initially forecast at 3.3% growth, the new forecast has been [...]

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