Guaranteed, the Junior Mining Industry’s headaches will not be disappearing any time soon. A good night’s sleep will not make an iota of difference.
Place your fingers on any country you like around the globe and you will feel pain everywhere. If it’s not a war, it is their economy. If not the economy it’s their currency. If not their currency it is pollution, or politics, or drug wars, embargos. If not one of the above it will be floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes. Or some other form of catastrophe. How about coups, mass murders, or other targeted violence.
The point is, Junior Miners, Explorationists and all of their associated suppliers and subcontractors have to work and exist within all of these environments; because mining and exploration happens everywhere, every day. They peacefully contend with devastating metals markets they have little input into, over regulations they have little control over, and cash inputs that are as fickle as a trout to a hook. The Junior Mining industry needs to realize it is time to take control of their own industry and begin pushing back!
The thieves on Wall Street create uncertainty and catastrophes that in turn have robbed the junior mining industry of needed investment. Deceitful metal traders in London, New York and abroad trade the metal market participants into bankruptcies and through price manipulations. Certain leaders of global mining giants are promoted to their levels of incompetence and engage in ignorant decision making strategies which wipes out all logic behind the forces of supply and demand. Down the food chain all of this greed, ignorance and egos casts a huge black cloud over the lives and livelihoods of those attached to the junior mining and exploration industry.
These miners and explorationists are tough; as are their associates and sub trades. However, they are getting tired of paying the price for all the pain created by others who go on to bag multi-million dollar paychecks. Many of the public mining entities are being obliterated on a daily basis. The carnage is everywhere. The unemployed are walking the streets all over the globe. But today, there is no end in sight. No light on the horizon, and certainly not at the end of the tunnel. Right now, those lights are a train coming at you. No matter what you hear, or see in the headlines, there is no bottom in sight yet.
Despite all of this, many will manage to make money from the Junior Mining industry. In every storm there are fortunes made. Unfortunately, it is often at the expense of somebody else. will continue to provide insight as to the bumps on the horizon, the juniors that will prevail and those that are likely to fall victim. Members will get the facts and nothing but the facts, and this will obviously increase their odds of making money and decrease their likelihood of losing money.