And They Fall Like Flies Sprayed With… – by
Companies on the TSX.V are dropping like flies, with no end in sight The Junior Mining market is used to rough times, It has weathered recessions, money shortages, market scams, metal surpluses, and so on. But never before has it encountered all of the aforementioned coupled with over-regulation, inept regulators, ignorant and short-sighted Exchange policies, and run away dilution. For Junior Mining companies, the concoction spells death.
The soft side of the dilemma is that we are finding few of the Board and management teams we are encountering today have the experience and survival instincts to stick it out. In years past the saying would have been “If you can’t spot a door of opportunity, build one”. Today’s version might be summed up as follows, “if you can’t see the exit sign or an escape hatch, build one”.
Many have lost faith and are scared to death for their own welfare. We are finding many of those at the helms of these companies have simply battened down the hatches and are awaiting their cease trade, suspension, or delisting orders. Yesterday’s grit has been eroded like kimberlite encountering glaciers. They are too proud to seek assistance to keep their companies afloat. They don’t actually realize that there is help available, that will not cost them their livelihood, their careers or their reputations, and at very little cost. There are seasoned vets available that will stand alongside them, provide the advice, wisdom and insight they will need to navigate these troubled waters.
We liken what we are observing here to a person caught in a rip tide. They swim and swim with all their might to reach the shore safely. All the flailing is to no avail. They get weaker and weaker from all of the effort. As time passes by they simply give up hope, run out of energy, stop swimming and sadly drown. Unfortunately, there was no need for them to drown, if they had of only reached out and to someone who knew the nature of riptides. If someone on the shore had screamed out instructions to swim parallel to the beach until they were out of the riptide zone, they could have swam in to shore, with little effort. anticipates that we are all in for the swim of our lives. We are familiar with these waters, let us be your life preserver.