ENDEAVOUR MINING CORP. (“EDV”) is positioning to be an early mover when markets turn.

Frank Giustra’s Endeavour has had a tough time since the 2007-2008 rout in the markets. On a long-term rollback/slit adjusted chart the company’s shares slipped from $112.40 to the $3.80 level. The 2015 deal with La Mancha taking a 30% interest in Endeavour was interesting. The follow-up with the consolidation plan announcements in December 2015 lead us to believe that Giustra and team are positioning things for their next moves. There is a great team in place with Endeavour and its future looks buildable. The current trading range has been gaining momentum and now in the $722-$7.23 range. Its gold production certainly has not hurt. Endeavour continues to be Marketable even in currents markets.