ATAC RESOURCES LTD. (“ATC”) is laying down like an injured dog right now, with a share price lingering in the $0.30 – $0.32. It was a high-flier of the 2010-2011 market bounce, running as high as $10.34 a share. On its last financials at September 30, 2015 ATC was sitting on a nest egg of $16.7 million dollars. Excellent management team which seems to have stayed together.
A number of analysts and promotors have touted ATC as a buy at much higher prices than its current bid of $0.30. The Carlin-type gold mineralization that ATC was cutting into on its Rackla project in the Yukon hasn’t disappeared One has to assume that ATAC will continue to develop its Rackla gold project on a schedule that coincides with the gold markets. If one likes to bet on a Trifecta, ATC is just that; 1) good people, 2) good projects, and 3) good amount of dough in the bank.
Check this one out. thinks the story is promotable, the team is marketable and the amount of cash in the bank is sizeable. ATC is certainly worthy of your time to take a look at.